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City Point

A Japandi apartment of simplicity.

Size : 1100 sq.ft.

Location : Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

VT sketch
VT 2


Designed for a family of 2, the apartment is set in a Japandi style.

Scala transform the entrance corridor into a foyer by reorganizing the powder room at the entrance into a cloak room, a mirror door is provided for daily usage and a better spatial experience.


A clean timber feature wall panels with partial fins decoration are designed to connect the dining and living areas with a hidden bedroom in between. The hanging fixture are coming with a light trough to lighten the space. Timber supporting details are tailored for the apartment for the sense of Japandi and provide layering detail for the fixture.


Along the opposite wall, a feature wall was developed mixing circular panels with a light trough, floor lamp, and wall clock to provoke a Japandi style.


Within the hidden room, a multi-function is created for the study, yoga, and as a guest bedroom.


A bathroom in the middle separates the master room into two-zone, and a walk-in closet is suggested for one of them. Tatami-style vinyl flooring is used with extra storage underneath.

The bedroom side comes with a 2-sided window with a balcony, the bed is thoughtfully placed at the bay-window side with staggered storage steps, to maintain decent circulation and a great view.

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