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A contemporary living in the wood

Size : 560 sq.ft.

Location : Lam Tei, Hong Kong

SH sketch

Being briefed to design in a hospitality way, our goal for the project is to create an apartment with emotive settings. Timber a milky paint is the main theme for the apartment. A sensuous banquet with a minimal timber backdrop and a branches pendant in front is set for the focal point of the flat.


Sliding doors are used for the bathroom and kitchen with a full-height TV wall in the middle. A clean timber elevation is created with subtle grooving to provoke a sense of hospitality.


SH 1

Track lights with a decorative timber box are designed to create a linear visual direction leading to the end of the apartment.

Two rooms are combined to form the master room, master bed is addressed aside from the bay window with a nice village view. A cushion is designed for window-side reading.



A TV island with emotive staggering detail is designed in the middle of the room, separating the bed area and the working corner. 


A model showcase is made behind the TV island. 


The Dressing table is designed at the side of the working corner. A three-sided dressing mirror with makeup lighting is provided. 


The Child's room lies next to the master room, to the same extent as the design concept, the room is featured with a colorful 'balloon' wall sconce and a mild green wall covering.

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