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The Harbourside

A comfy apartment of timeless modernity

Size : 1082 sq.ft.

Location : Austin West, Hong Kong

WT 1

This apartment for two was designed with a clean touch. The foyer walls are crafted into round edges to create a sense of comfy and welcome while a curved ceiling is set to merge the spatial of the foyer and dining area.


At Dining & Living, a comfy round-edged cabinet was introduced to continue the soft & comfy atmosphere. TV wall are transformed into a canvas for a bespoke sensuous wall painting for a contrast effect.

A pair of pocket-sliding doors are introduced to the corridor to form a timber hub to provoke a sense of warmth and calm before entering the rooms.

The master room inherits the design with a calm wall covering, highlighted with a simple wall sconce and slide-out bedside cabinet. 

For the bathrooms, it is featured with a sliding door mirror cabinet with light troughs, to provoke a sense of softness and comfy.

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