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The Royce

A contemporary luxury office.

Size : 3500 sq.ft.

Location : Admiralty, Hong Kong


The goal of this project is to create a sense of Royal, Assure, Privacy and Professional. With white marble flooring, a marble reception counter with a bronze base is designed as a centerpiece of the reception, set off with a grey marble logo wall with a vertical light trough at both sides. 

To balance, a tailored timber panel and fins with bronze trimming are placed at the side with a deep blue lacquered panel to present the brand's identity. the entry to the working zone is designed with a concealed door setting for a better visual impact.


Walking through the fins of the reception area, we arrived at the foyer for the meeting rooms, a set of shelves in timber are settled for display and a  4 pax waiting room is designed.  Passing a lacquered door in bronze framing, we arrive at the meeting room with a subtle luxury tone centered with a feature black-gold pendant. The Walls are designed in leather panels with timber dado and walnut flooring. Equipped with a TV panel and a hanging writing board for a max of 12 pax meeting. The meeting room is directly connected to the pantry with a concealed door.


Another side of the reception is the general office, with contemporary carpet flooring and furniture. The column at the heart of the zone is covered with timber and lacquered panels as a feature of the zone. Manager rooms and dealer's rooms are designed around the general office.


The wall of the rooms is designed with a setback to project a more open atmosphere for the general office. Equipped with contemporary furniture. Grey wall covering is used for a more calm feeling.


The Master room is designed in a subtle tone same as the meeting, Entry by the lacquered door, and a small wine pantry is equipped at the side of the room.  

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