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Victor Court

A emotive intimate apartment.

Size : 438 sq.ft.

Location : Fortress Hill, Hong Kong


Designed for a couple, the two-bedroom layout is reorganized into one with a mini walk-in closet. By studying the style of living of our client, our design merged the dining & living to form a better living area. Simple materials are applied to the apartment to make the apartment looks bigger and emotive.

The living area is designed with a cream base, centered with a storage cabinet with tailored texture doors. An emotive curve shelf with a marble stand is used instead of a traditional TV cabinet for a featured purpose.


The living function with dining usage with a transformable coffee table. 

The kitchen and bathroom lie at the side of the living area. Pattern tiles are used as the backdrop of the kitchen cabinet, and as a focal point of the kitchen.

The bathroom Inherit the design theme, featured with a marble vanity counter.

Entering the master room, a study/dressing table is designed on the bay window, staggered with the bedside cabinet, with the walk-in closet next to it.

Neat details are added to let the apartment looks exquisite.

The bed with storage underneath lays on the opposite side of the room, with a small dressing niche at the end.

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