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1 - VL sketch


Villa Lotto

A Mansion of modern simplicity with a refined touch.

Size : 1330 sq.ft.

Location : Happy Valley, Hong Kong

The 3 bedroom mansion is designed for a well-educated couple in the golden age with a target to create a simplicity interior with a refining touch. A white oak timber panel was intended to conceal the kitchen and create a clean and wide TV wall connecting the dining and living area. A minimal marble stage, a walnut fixture, and copper shelves are placed as a feature of the elevation.


A marble stage is designed at the entrance for arts and plants to create a sense of foyer with the rectangular layout. Modern minimal furniture and lighting are suggested for the mansion.

The walls and ceiling are painted in greyish white, accent by the decorative lines profile, creating a minimal portal for the entry of the corridor and a ceiling frame to express the beauty of simplicity.

The kitchen is hidden in the feature wall in the living room, Stainless walls are designed for a professional-level cooking environment. 

One of the room is designed as a study room, a full-width multi-function cabinet are placed with a function of storage, display, and a flip bed for a guest if needed. A staggered walnut detail was designed for a subtle feature of the room.

A walk-in closet is designed for another room, with a flip-up dressing table with a light trough and surrounding with a built-in white oak timber wardrobe. A walnut frame is created for a subtle stand out of the room.


The Master room located at the end of the layout continues with the simplicity style and walnut frame detail to create a consistance journey.


A sliding mirror door is designed for the hanging cabinet in the husband's bathroom, with stylish grey marble tiles and a bathing bench, while a bathtub is placed for the wife's bathroom, with white marble tiles.

The Bathrooms are built with large marble tiles for less grouting, and for a clean visual to match the whole design.

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